Soteriology: JW and ME

Justification, Regeneration, Entire Sanctification: You may not understand those three words. I do! I did not grow up in a household that spoke about God. We were not atheists, we just did not talk about God. I later learned that my mother has plenty of spiritual influence in her life, but we “didn’t talk about it” in our house. I couldn’t tell you the difference between John Wesley and John Wayne. It wasn’t until around the age of 15 that I understood that I was broken and needed a savior. At a Wesleyan Youth Camp in Frankfort, IN I had my regeneration experience. I knew that I was a sinner and broken. I needed a Jesus who died for all of my transgressions.

I then spent the next 5-7 years living in a a roller coaster. I would sell drugs Monday-Saturday and then hear about Jesus on Sunday. I would also hear about Jesus on Wednesday, sometimes. It was a process for me to see that I needed to rely on Jesus and not just except him. When I was 22 I was a Sophomore at Indiana Wesleyan University. I experienced what I would called my regeneration moment. I began to see God as more of a God of love and not of judgement. I began to see God as someone who could not only save me, but transform me into something new. A new creation is what I longed for in my life. It wasn’t until I was 27 and had been in the ministry for five years, that I realized that I wanted to be on this road to sanctification. It was during that year that my son was born. I started to understand perfect love. This idea that love is not only what we do, but how we feel and how we respond with our actions. Love is the whole package. It is the Holy Spirit that helps us to understand what perfect love is for us in our life. At 27 I decided that I wanted to pursue this perfect love for the rest of my life. Since that day I have been on this journey of entire sanctification. I still believe that God can get me there this side of heaven. I depend on the Holy Spirit to provide the power and cleansing to get me through this journey.

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