Upcoming Youth Dates


Hey Parents and Leaders!


Just want to send an email with some details of upcoming events. I put everything on the calendar last week and then proceeded to somehow delete it all, :-/. I will be redoing the calendar again today.


Current Teaching Theme for Pursuit:


Plot Twist (Looking at the Life of Joseph and seeing how life sometimes throws us curve balls: how do we respond).


Nov. Teaching Theme for Pursuit:


Thank You Notes: (This 3-week “Thanksgiving” series teaches individuals the importance of living a life of contentment, being thankful for all that God has given.)


Dec. Teaching Theme for Pursuit:


Christmas at the Movies: (This four-week Christmas sermon series explores the beauty and importance of the incarnation through the lenses of four classic Christmas films. Just as we find unexpected truth in these movies, we learn that the realChristmas story is the story of God working in unexpected ways in the pursuit of his people. The incarnation is a radical and important doctrine because it teaches us the true heart of God for the redemption of his fallen creation.)


Current Teaching Theme for Spark: 


Bizarro (present- Oct 13): Big Idea of the Series: There is a real pressure in today’s culture to compromise our beliefs in order to fit in with everyone else. It’s something your youth are facing at school, on the internet, and maybe even at home. This 4-week sermon series examines principles from the book of Daniel to help your students maintain their relationship with God in a culture that is often contrary to the faith.


Next Teaching Theme for Spark:


Image (Oct. 20- Nov 10): This four-week sermon series looks at our identity in terms of being made in the image of God.

Designed for today’s youth, the sermon series, Image, explores what it means to be a reflection of God and how that influences daily life. By understanding their identity in terms of God’s divinity, youth are able to foster a healthier self-image. They can learn to interact with media in better ways and become contributing members of the community. By learning where their identity comes from, being made in the image of God, the youth of your community can begin to use their unique gifts and talents for God’s purposes which increases the overall health of your community.


Next Teaching Theme for Spark:

Christmas List (Dec. 15-22): During Christmas, it’s easy for us to only think about what we will get from others. This 3-week Christmas series outlines how living for God allows us to receive the best gift ever.


OCT. Dates:


Oct. 27th: Pursuit Band (band of discipleship) Interest Meeting: Anyone interested in leading one of our bands of discipleship or this year will need to be at this meeting. The time will be 2-3PM at the church, portable 4. This is for adults who are interested in leading a band of discipleship. The three purposes for our Bands: Intentional Community, Deep Discipleship, and Real Accountability.


Oct. 23rd: Cos-Play Night: Our students our encouraged (NOT required) to come dressed in their favorite character outfit. We will have food, games, worship, and word. We will have a competition for: Best Overall, Most Original, Best Homemade, Funniest, and Best Group/Duo.


Oct. 26th: Teaching Team Meeting: this is for anyone student or adult who would like to be a part of our teaching team for Pursuit or Spark this year. These people will teach a few times this year to our big groups. Pursuit is on Wednesday and Spark is on Sunday morning. The time is 10AM – 1PM, lunch will be provided. Please RSVP to Pastor Mike.


NOV. Dates:


Nov. 17th: SPARK ONLY: Day at the Park for Spark: Where: Lakebottom Park, Time: 2-5 PM, Who: Spark Students, Parents, and Leaders. FREE, snacks and water provided. We will be playing kickball, Frisbee, corn hole, all as a group. Fun time of community and getting to know each other.


Nov. 19th: PURSUIT ONLY: Pursuit Homecoming: We have an alternate Homecoming for our students and friends. We have a dinner, a DJ, and a great time! Students are encouraged (but not required) to dress up in the theme. This year’s theme is 80’s Baby! Students can dress in 80’s clothes, as 80’ characters, or just in 80’s fashion. The cost is $15 per person. The cost covers food, DJ, and theme decorations. We will have a photo booth as well! This is for students 7th-12th grade.


DEC. Dates:


Dec. 15th: Ugly Christmas Sweater Sunday: We encourage (but not required) our student to wear their best Ugly Christmas Sweater to church on Sunday Dec. 15th. We will have a competition with prizes for: Best homemade, Most Original, Funniest, and Best Group/duo. Judging will be in between the two services, students must be present for the picture at 10:30AM to win a prize.


Dec. 15th: Christmas Caroling: We are taking BOTH our Spark and Pursuit Students Caroling. We encourage (but not required) our students to wear ugly christmas sweaters and come bless people in our church with singing. We go to houses of people in our church and their neighbors and sing Christmas Carols. The time is 5-8 PM. We end with a time of hot chocolate and cookies at the church.


Dec. 18th: Christmas Party at Pursuit: This our annual Christmas Party at our Pursuit Community. We have games, food, and worship. This is a great event to invite friends to.


Dec. 22nd: SPARK Christmas Party: During both services (9AM and 11AM) on Dec. 22nd Spark will be having a Christmas Party. Food and Drinks will be available. They will play games and have a great time celebrating Jesus and community.


Last Thing to Know about:


Pursuit Ski Retreat: This is for students grades 7th-12th. We will be going on our annual ski retreat from Dec. 31-Jan 2. We will travel to Beech Mountain, NC on Dec. 31, ski all day on Jan 1st, and return home on Jan 2nd. The cost for this trip is $180 for skiers $190 for snow boarders per person. Covers, lodging for two nights, travel, food while at the retreat (students pay for their own food on the way up and back), and ski rental. More details will come out about this trip as we get closer.


Thank you for allowing us to pour into your students! We love you and there is nothing you can do about it!


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Praying and puling for you all!


Pastor Mike–

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