Beatitudes 7 of 8

I had a Jewish friend while I was in the army and he would always say, “Shalom” to me. I would say something dumb like, “what up yo”. Well, I still say what up yo a lot. I’ll never forget the moment I asked him what Shalom meant. We take it to mean peace, but my friend explained it in a greater way. He told it did mean peace, but it meant whole peace. To be made complete in your peace. The meaning literally means you cannot be whole without being in a state of peace.

Peace is something we could certainly use in today’s culture. You cannot read you social media feed for very long before it is a place of constant back and forth. I counted just the other day, 27 times in a row that I had posts about either side of the gun control issue. I never thought I would long for the day of puppy videos. Neither side was saying anything close to a logical thought. Both sides were just posting memes making fun of the other sides way of thinking. I couldn’t help but think, “we need some Shalom”.

One of the fruits of the spirit is Peace. That means if you are not bearing peace, both in your life and bring peace to the lives of others, you are not completely walking in the fruits of the spirit. Does it mean everything will be rainbows and skittles, no! We must strive to be people of peace though. Are we always going to get along? No. Will we always agree? No. We will always come to the same place in our stance on hot bottom issues? No. We must and should always be peace makers though.

Jesus says in the Beatitudes, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.” I cannot put it any more plain then this. To be identified as sons and daughters of Jesus we must be people of peace. We must be the standard bearers of peaceful strength.

My hope this week, the week of Easter (as of this writing), the Passion Week, we would be people of Peace! My prayer is that we bring some Shalom into our world and not be a people of division, even when we disagree.


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