Beatitudes 6 of 8

My whole life I’ve been told that I look like my daddy! My pops, Big Mike, is one of my heros. That wasn’t always the case. Big Mike worked all week driving a semi-truck all over the country. For years all I ever thought about was that he wasn’t there to see my baseball games. Later in life I learned a valuable lesson that my pops was the hardest working man I know. He drove that truck all over the United States so that his family was always provided for. Still to this day when people see me that know my daddy they say, “you’re Big Mike’s son” or “you look just like Big Mike”. I used to resent that statement. As I grew older I not only learned that my dad is the hardest working guy I know, but that I’m glad that when people see me they see my Dad in me.

People often make the statement, “You can’t see God”. Technically that may be the truth. Moses (Exodus 33:20) says it, John says it (John 1:18), Paul says it (1 Tim 6:16), but then Matthew 5:8 says (actually it was that guy Jesus who said it in Matthew), “blessed are the pure at heart, for they shall SEE God”. Part of me thinks this is one of those Raiders of the Lost Ark challenges. It’s one of those challenges where if you are pure of heart you may passsssssssssssss! I don’t know what you’re passing, but it’s some kind of test!

I read this scripture and what I believe it’s saying is, “when you are pure in heart you are being more like God than at any other time”. So when people see another person acting in the purest of hearts, people really see God. The person who also has a pure heart, a selfless heart, a person of no selfish ambition, will see God! They will see God in themselves. People will see God in them. God will be SEEN! At anytime in my lifetime I would love for someone to come up to me and say, “I see your Father in you”, “and I say, Yeah Big Mike is dope”, then they say, “No, I see Jesus in you”. May my heart be that pure!

Challenge this week:

1. Do something with absolutely no selfish ambition.

2. Do one thing this week where you do something for someone else where nothing can come back to you because of it.

May God bless you through the power of the Holy Spirit. May people see God in you and may you see God through your selflessness! Amen!

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