Breathe on us Jesus, too many people need this today! #JesusOverEverything #Ruach #HolySpiritMove

Ruach: A Hebrew word meaning “wind” or “spirit”. In its prophetic form as Ruach HaKodesh it is derived from the Talmud equating Divine Inspiration (Ruach haKodesh), and a Divine Voice as the word used to refer to the Spirit of God, or Holy Spirit, in the Tanakh.

There is so much brokeness; yet we try and “fix” ourselves with gym memberships, pub crawls, big checks, many relationships, things we are good at (talents), and things that make us “feel” good about ourselves without facing the fact that we are run dry! When what is needed is a fresh breath from God. A place where our bones are so dry we are the walking dead. We NEED the breath of God to breathe fresh on us! Move Holy Spirit move! Take five minutes right now, just being real and raw; ask the Holy Spirit to move on you right now! May the God of all creation breathe fresh on you Today!

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